Why You Should Give Your Prospects Control of the Sales Process

The picture of a stereotypical salesperson painted in most people’s minds is an aggressive, intimidating, and solely money motivated. Think Glengarry Glen Ross. Sign on the line that is dotted! In today’s business world, however, that strategy doesn’t play out, and the most successful sales people are the opposite of that sleazy persona.

With the unprecedented access that your prospects have to information, reviews, and different companies that offer the services that they’re seeking, the control of the power has passed into the hands of the prospect. Your prospects are well-versed in their own needs and how the current marketplace can solve the problems they have. They are in a unique position to be able to choose the suitor that most impresses them.

The unprecedented access to a wealth of information and marketplaces goes the other way too, however. With the access that companies now have to prospect data and the increased reach that has been made possible by digital mediums, both prospects and sellers are able to seek out the most ideal commercial relationships without compromising.

Given this new environment, not only is it more difficult to force your product on a prospect, it’s unnecessary. The sales person’s job has evolved from a role of persuasion to a role of assistance. There are of course still many traditional aspects of the sales process that apply in today’s world, but the big thing to keep in mind is to not be afraid to leave the ball in the prospect’s court.

As sales people, we simply need to present our offerings in a professional and straight-forward manner to the correct people at the correct time, and make sure it’s easy for the prospect to make the decision to choose us. When the offering really is a good fit, the profitable relationship will follow.

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