Why Email Marketing is No Longer an Optional Investment

Staying on top of all the latest business trends can be challenging to say the least. Often your competitors have already significantly benefited from an investment into one of those trends by the time you become aware of it. Those trends that prove to be beneficial enough, eventually go from being just a smart investment to something you can’t survive in the marketplace without. Email marketing is now firmly cemented into that category.

Email remains the most preferred method of communication for business to business communications. In fact, According to a January 2015 study by Marketing Sherpa, email is the most popular channel among customers. Prospects age 35-44 like it the most – 87% said email is their favorite channel. The logic follows that we should all have a robust program in place to make the most of that channel. Email is convenient, professional, and non-intrusive to your prospects. Utilizing email as your first means of reaching out positively influences your reputation within your market, and increases your prospects’ willingness to speak with you.

Email marketing is the most measurable form of marketing that exists today. No other method offers the same level of transparency into results metrics and ROI. There’s a reason why every Sales Director wants to have a measurable ROI to show to their boss – smart business owners and CEOs want proof of success, and understandably so. Email marketing consistently and reliably provides that proof.

According to findings by The Relevancy Group, 23% of US Marketing Executives reported that email marketing accounted for over 25% of overall revenues, the same percentage that those same marketers reported for all of social media combined. Those numbers are supported by surveys conducted by Demand Metric & Direct Marketing Association.

Do you have a robust email marketing strategy in place? Are you realizing the full potential of your target market? Email marketing brings that goal within reach. Drop us a line to see why our customers trust us to make the most of the email channel for their company, and discuss how we can do the same for you.