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Writing Compelling Sales Communications

Writing effective emails is not rocket science, but there are a few simple rules that a surprising number of sales people don’t always follow. Obviously the message needs to grab the prospect’s attention and be interesting enough for them to want to read it once you do, but what else do we need to know?

Your message, most importantly, needs to compel your prospect to take action. If you write the world’s most captivating message but your prospect still doesn’t feel compelled to continue the interaction with your company, you’ve wasted your time. It also needs to be reasonably brief and concise. So the challenge becomes packing a thoughtful, compelling, and interesting message into an email short enough to be read in a few seconds. How do you do that?

Start by focusing on your prospect’s pain. B2B buyers are motivated to purchase new goods and services based on problems they or their company are experiencing. Why would a prospect want to buy your product or service? What problems does it solve? What pain points can you address? What sets you apart from your competitors? Those should be the first points you bring up in your sales communications.

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