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How to Keep Up in Today’s B2B Sales World

Is your sales strategy stuck in 1996?

Staying on top of trends is one of the biggest challenges faced by those of us in the B2B sales world. One word comes up more and more in discussions of how this world is changing: DATA. Big data has become the starting point for any successful sales organization. With the rise of the digital world, all of our potential customers are available literally at the touch of a button (or a few keystrokes anyway). Having a strong prospect database not only gets your name out to more potential customers, it also increases close rates and improves overall efficiency.

Once you have that robust database, however, you also need a way to consistently and professionally keep in touch with all of them. With the number of potential prospects in the thousands, that simply isn’t feasible without an email marketing strategy. Email is the most preferred method of communication among prospects in the B2B space, and best-in-class companies are 67% more likely to have a strong email marketing strategy in place.

Switching from a business model that is heavily reliant on phone calls for instance to a system with a foundation in initial contact by email amplifies your ability to get in touch with more people exponentially. Rather than hiring someone to make 100 cold calls a day, you can send an email to thousands of prospects at once, and allow your sales team to focus on those people that express interest. It’s not only faster, it also is less invasive than a phone call, and your prospects will respect that.

The large-scale contact achieved through email marketing also allows a large enough data set to allow your business to use sales analytics to show where your successes lie and which methods work and which don’t. You can use big data to show you which industries respond to which types of messages, what types of prospects close most quickly, which close for the largest sales, etc., allowing you full control of where your business and revenues are headed in the future.

Email marketing is the most preferred method of contact by your prospects. If you don’t have an email marketing strategy in place – stop living in the past!

With LeadSeek, this crucial facet is available to everyone. With pricing scaled to the size of your business, one man shows and Fortune 500 companies alike can afford to join the 21st century and start contacting prospects the way they want to be contacted.

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