Today vs. Yesterday

Solving the three major problems facing the modern day salesperson

Even just a few years ago, when cold calling reigned supreme, filling your pipeline involved dialing as many phone numbers as possible every day and spouting off a script containing your carefully crafted elevator pitch until someone bit.

Thanks to technological advances, the power has passed into the hands of the buyer in a significant way. Your prospects thoroughly search the internet for solutions to their issues prior to speaking with any sales people, and they screen their calls, giving them the control over whom they choose to speak with and when.

You can see the shift in power reflected in the problems that the modern sales person faces every day. According to a recent study by Richardson’s, identifying which pain points your prospects have that you can best solve, and should therefore highlight, was the top problem reported by sales people, followed by identifying the target market, and qualifying leads into legitimate opportunities.

All three of those problems can be addressed with a simple shift in your sales strategy away from pitching and toward listening.

Which Pain Points?

If you’re having trouble deciding which pain points you should focus on in order to address your prospect’s main issues, let them tell you. Focus on asking the right questions, rather than giving the right answers. After that you just need to be prepared with knowledge of your offering to give a straightforward answer. Opportunities and new accounts will follow.

Identifying the Target

Identifying the ideal target market is what LeadSeek does best. We start with the characteristics your ideal customers and prospects have in common to define what your target customers look like. We then narrow that down by simply contacting those people in a professional and straightforward manner, inviting them to reach out for a conversation, getting your foot in the door with prospects interested right now.

Qualifying Leads

Once you have the ability to reach out to reach prospect in your target market directly and you invite them to respond, you hand the power to the prospect. That is what today’s buyer wants. When you have access to your entire target market and the ability to directly communicate them, you can afford to hand the power to the buyer and simply ask the right questions to let the leads qualify themselves.

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