Our need was simple – we needed leads that end up being clients.  We already know it’s been worth it.  For the first time in ten years, we have a solid database of prospects.  

– Nicole Martin – CEO – HRBoost
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Partnering with LeadSeek has allowed me to recapture so much time that used to be taken up by the mass amount of work that goes into finding each prospect. I am now able to spend that time on more high-yield activities like closing new deals.

– Joe Buzzello – CEO – The Buzzello Group
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The warm leads with contact information for follow up have been worth every penny!  Our products are not a short sales cycle item, especially when prospecting.  Having name exposure and recognition when the prospect is ready to purchase is huge for our niche market.

– John Phalen – Territory Sales Director – Brown Bear Corporation
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Using LeadSeek got me in the door with accounts I would have never been able to penetrate on my own, and allowed me to improve my efficiency by finding interested prospects and raising my closing ratio.

– Charlie – Partner & Account Executive – Midwest Office
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While I always hope for more, the email campaign generated enough business to pay for itself! 😊

– Tim Thomas – GM – Cypress MultiGraphics, LLC