Making the Most of Your Data

Increase Engagement and Email Performance

One size does not fit all in the email marketing world. Tailoring your message to the specific needs or wants of a certain group of people in your database increases the relevance of your messaging and boosts your response rates. The key is finding the pieces of data that tie groups of people together and place them into a common bucket. It could be the size of their business, their department, title or persona, industry, etc.

Used the correct way, email is the best channel there is for tailoring your messaging to a specific segment. It’s the most customizable channel, and still the most preferred channel for B2B buyers and decision-makers. Start thinking about why your customers tend to choose your company in the first place. How does that differ depending on who you begin conversations with within a company?

For example, if you sell transportation software, does a Fleet Manager begin engaging with your company for different reasons than, say, a CFO? Probably. So what are those factors? Make a list for each group and begin building your messaging around that list. We can then segment the database to make sure that the correct people are receiving the most relevant and enticing messaging tailored specifically to them.

Strategically segmenting your database also comes into play when considering where to concentrate your efforts. Who are your most loyal customers? What do they have in common? Let’s use that data to go out and find more people who share those characteristics and use our list of commonalities that we just discussed to reach out to those people. Start with what works and expand on those principles.

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