How Wanting It Too Much Can Kill Your Sale

Sales is one of the most challenging professions out there. Picking up the phone and calling strangers can be intimidating to say the least. Add to that the pressure of quotas and the competitive job market, and suddenly you may find yourself stressed to the point that your nerves start to show through and are obvious to your prospects on the phone.

This is even more of a problem in the sales field than it is in any other. Prospects want to be confident in their purchase and they will feed off the attitude coming from the sales rep. They want to purchase products and services from people who are not only confident in their own offerings, but also not desperate for customers. Encountering a nervous sales rep will make prospects question whether this is the right decision and maybe even whether the rep is being deceitful. When people encounter confidence, they feel confident themselves, and ipso facto – confidence closes sales.

The mastery of confidence in sales situations, however, can be extremely tricky. Something as seemingly insignificant as a single word can change the impression you’re putting forward to your prospect. For example, when a prospect confirms their interest by requesting more information, for example, or agreeing to a phone call, answering with words like “Great!” may make you sound over-eager and immediately turn the prospect off.

When you find yourself about to react to a prospect’s response in a possibly over-eager way, try substituting a short pause, and then move the conversation along. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be polite and say thank you, but a little confidence goes a long way, especially in sales.

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