How to make your sales cycle run like a well-oiled machine

Everyone wants to make more money.  Doing it faster would be great too.  The internet is crammed with different fool-proof ideas on how to do just that.  Software, outsourcing, coaching, and just general process hacks that will make you a better sales person, make you more money, and make your life easier.  How to sort through the noise and find how to actually make your sales cycle more productive and predictable?

There are some simple steps you can take. First, take a look at your typical day. What non-selling tasks are you spending the most time on? If there are tasks that are eating up time you could be spending closing deals like researching prospects, cold-calling, or sending out introductory emails, it might be time to consider automating those tasks or assigning a dedicated person to handle them.

Even determining which tasks are “selling” tasks has changed in recent years. A typical day for a sales person just a few years ago involved hammering out upwards of 80 phone calls a day to cold prospects, getting hung up on frequently and quite frankly more often making people mad than gaining any headway. Cold-calling has gone by the wayside as an effective strategy for gaining viable prospects.

In the current sales environment, every sales person needs a strategy to bring in prospects that are already interested and open to a conversation with you or your sales team. LeadSeek specializes in just that. We begin with a database of all of your target prospects and narrow that list down to those who are in a position to seriously consider your company’s offerings and interested in exploring what you can provide.

Drop us a line and let’s talk about exactly what that looks like for your organization.