How to Fully Enable Your Sales Team

Sales enablement is suddenly the new buzz word. According to International Data Corporation, annual spending on sales enablement is over $66 BILLION per year. That’s billion with a “b”. But what does it mean? And how do you make sure your sales team is “enabled”?

Basically what sales enablement means is just what it says. Providing the sales and account management teams with the information and support they need in order to focus on their main function, which is closing deals and keeping customers happy and their needs met. That $66 billion is spent on a myriad of new types of software, consultants, and trainers. Just Google sales enablement and over 815,000 results come up.

It all sounds great, but unfortunately, a lot of this money is being wasted on marketing materials, software, lead lists, and advice that sales does not find valuable and does not utilize. 90% of all marketing content created for sales enablement actually goes unused by the actual sales team.

With the increasing complexity of today’s business environment, however, sales enablement is not something that it is wise to ignore. The key is to find a sales enablement partner that works closely with your company to make sure every solution, piece of marketing material, campaign, etc. is crafted for your specific needs and handled exactly how you need it to be.

Let’s talk about how we do just that for our customers, creating custom campaigns and marketing materials and designing processes and best practices for the exact needs of each individual organization, so our customers’ sales teams are fully enabled and focusing on what they do best.