Finding the Right Customers and Repelling the Wrong Ones

Sales and marketing professionals focus a lot on having a great value prop.  It’s all about how you differentiate yourself from your competition.  Why is your company better?  Why should your prospects choose you over your competitors?  The first things you need to determine are the answers to these questions to make your company stick out and grab the attention of your prospect base.

While those are definitely important factors to consider, the focus sometimes tends to shift toward making your business stick out to everyone, rather than just making sure you accentuate those factors of your value prop that make you appealing to your niche. Those are the attention-getters that drive people to act, and sometimes everything that makes you different isn’t important to your target market. It’s definitely not all important to everyone.

Your prospects take action (call, submit forms, reply, etc.) because you have convinced them that you can provide them with a specific benefit that will be worth their time to consider. They won’t do that unless your message is directly applicable to problems that they face in their day to day responsibilities. You could think of it this way – it’s not what makes you different, it’s what makes your customers different./b>

Relevance is also important in relation to which customers you seek out. With the wealth of data and communication methods available to the modern-day sales person, prospects are easier to find and contact than ever before. There’s no need to waste your time trying to sell your offerings to a prospect who isn’t a fit or who won’t become a solid customer for your business. When you’re a good fit and you have happy, satisfied customers, not only will you be spending your time in the most productive way, word will get out about your terrific product or service.

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