Don’t Give Your Prospects the Wrong Idea

Let’s talk about some well-intentioned phrases that make you sound sleazy.

Every sales person’s goal is obviously to close each sale. But in order to do so they must master the art of not seeming like they’re trying to sell anything. Most sales people misunderstand that strategy, and sales in general has a bad reputation because of that.

The misunderstanding arises due to the “act like you’re not selling” aspect of the soft sell. You know you’re selling something, the prospect knows you’re selling something, but you’re not supposed to emphasize the “selling” aspect of your interaction with them. Many sales people fall into the trap of trying too hard to make it seem like they’re not selling anything, and therefore come across like they’re hiding something, and completely turn off the prospect altogether.

The best sales people are genuine and build trusting relationships with their customers. Take a page from their book and instead of just trying to sound genuine, just be genuine.

It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to try to hide the fact that you’re trying to get a sale. That’s something both parties in this situation are well aware of. Be honest and forthright, answer questions in a straightforward manner, and tell your prospect the truth.

Avoid phrases like “to be honest”, don’t make overly lofty promises, educate yourself about your prospect prior to the conversation, and just start an honest and straightforward conversation. In today’s sales environment the sales call is more like an interview. You’re not just blindly selling something, you’re having a conversation to find out if a business relationship will be beneficial for both sides.

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