Dispatches from Modern Day Sales

How I found out we were
going about it all wrong

For the last ten years I was under the impression that if I just worked hard, success would come my way. And while I am routinely a top sales person at my company, I always had that nagging feeling that there had to be a better way.

Normally I would spend my days pounding away at generic lead lists that my company would purchase from various lead vendors. While I appreciated the amount of contact information, I would eventually find that the majority of the companies on the list really had no need for the product we were selling. While the companies I was calling would fit in to a broad description of the industries we worked with, very few of the records were specifically tailored to our products. This both significantly wasted my time as a salesman and cost our company double or triple what they should have paid for that list.

Even when I did find a company that made sense for our service, I would run in to a wide array of issues. Most of the time the contact provided by the list vendor was not the type of employee we usually deal with. After several calls, even after I would find out who was the correct contact, I would almost always run in to another road block, whether it was a stonewalling receptionist, or immediately being directed to a voicemail. It seemed no matter how hard I worked, I was always wasting at least half my day chasing my tail.

Enter LeadSeek.

After meeting with our VP or Sales, they were able to put together an industry specific list containing almost exclusively companies within our target markets. Along with the significantly improved list of companies, they were able to provide contacts containing only the job titles that we work with. Instead of wasting my days getting rejected by the wrong people at the wrong companies, I was now able to immediately get in touch with the correct person.

More importantly, LeadSeek, working with our marketing team, put together several great emails detailing the service we provide for all of our different target markets. Using their email marketing software, they are then able to send these emails, en masse, to every company in our target market at once. This awesome ability to immediately keep in touch with all of our prospects generates numerous positive responses for our sales team.

Our team is now able to organize our day more efficiently because these positive responses mean that a company in our target market now knows who our company is, what we do, and is interested in having a conversation or receiving more detailed information. The difference between cold calling companies without a need for our product to calling a specific contact who has already expressed interest in our product is night and day. Sales have gone up, revenue is through the roof, and company morale is at an all-time high.

My only regret is that we did not partner with LeadSeek sooner.