Dispatches from a Modern Day Sales Rep

Achieving Full Market Visibility
through LeadSeek

For years we knew our company offered high quality services to multiple industries, but as a salesperson, I was always limited to prospecting our service to the businesses listed in our CRM, which were made up of various generic lead lists we have purchased over the years. We always knew that there were far more potential sales opportunities out there, but just could never figure out who they were or how to find them. Our overall company database was always lacking, but until we finally partnered with LeadSeek, we did not understand the full extent of the issue.

By using their expansive B2B database, they were able to uncover thousands of new businesses within our target industries that we did not know existed. We spent years struggling to find businesses through trade shows and other basic lead generation methods, and within a few weeks with LeadSeek, suddenly we had more sales calls than we could handle. They not only discovered numerous new opportunities for myself and our sales team, but also worked with our marketing department to craft different messages for all the different industries we serviced. The end result was a drastic increase in sales and revenue, in addition to now having the peace of mind that we were finally reaching our entire target market.