Dispatches from a Modern Day Sales Rep

How Email Marketing Changed My Work Life for the Better

Just ten years ago I was your typical run of the mill sales rep, toiling away in the daily obscurity of cold calling and constant rejection. I was a hard worker, but you can only do so much when giving a list of companies and told to “call them and see if they are interested”. I found that every day I was spinning my wheels, finding that not only were most of these companies uninterested, but that I was spending the majority of my day just trying to find the correct contact to tell me that they were not interested in our solution. Even when I would have a good conversation, it would normally turn out that our solution was not the best fit for the company on my list.

I was at my wits end, and the frustration was endless. Pleas for improved leads would go unheard, and no one seemed to have any idea on how to increase sales opportunities. The fact that my company had just spent a lot of money, however misguidedly, on immense call lists amped up the everyday pressure to find interested prospects, and everyone in the office seemed on edge, concerned about their jobs, and the future of the company.

Enter email lead generation. Suddenly instead of fruitless cold calling, every day I started receiving replies from my target contacts at companies that already were interested in us. The partner we chose got to know our business, what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, who our product benefits the most. Through their lead generation database, they were able to compile tens of thousands of new companies, in our target market, that were not included in our current lead database.

Not only did they completely revamp our leads, but they then put together great emails, marketing our service and what we do best, and began sending them off to the thousands of companies that were now in our database. Once that occurred, everything changed. All of a sudden I would get in to work in the morning and have several emails sitting in my inbox from companies who responded to email campaigns expressing interest in our product. Every day I would have the opportunity to actually reach out to interested companies and have highly productive conversations about our offerings. Suddenly opportunities were everywhere, sales skyrocketed, and morale was at an all-time high.

Putting a lead generation process in place not only allowed us to reach out and contact thousands of companies at once, the partner we chose also continuously manages that database, reaching out to these potential customers on a regular basis.  This allowed us to maintain consistent contact with our base, so that when they’re ready to sign on, we’re top of mind and easy to reach. We went from struggling to just have a good conversation or two every day to struggling to handle the amount of leads coming in.

We chose LeadSeek as our lead generation partner and once they entered the picture our sales took off and we never looked back! Life is good!