It’s time to sell smarter.

In the B2B world, email is still the outreach method that delivers the highest ROI.  Buyers and decision-makers prefer being contacted via email over all other channels. But using email effectively for marketing and lead generation isn’t as easy as it might sound, and it’s not as easy as it used to be. Keeping up with changes and ensuring optimal deliverability is a full-time job.

LeadSeek has been mastering email communications for 10 years. Whether you’re campaigning for lead generation, event attendance, customer retention, or thought leadership, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your emails reach the right people at the right time.

We will build a database of your ideal prospects, create and distribute your email campaigns, and handle all resulting database management. Direct responses come straight to you, and you’ll get a daily report of who received your email, opened it, clicked your links, and are warmed up and ready for your call, so you can spend more time having meaningful conversations and closing deals.


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What We Do

Our program allows you and your team to laser focus your target market, get your message in front of all of your prospects, and focus your efforts on those that express interest, all without making them feel like they’re part of a mass outreach campaign.

First, we build your database to your exact definition of your ideal customer. We then work closely with you and/or your team to create your perfect email campaign. We can create something completely new or make recommendations on content you already have.

Then we distribute your message to all of your prospects and bring you the results. Direct responses come directly to your inbox, and you’ll receive a daily report of everyone who opened your email and everyone who clicked your links.

On the back end, we take care of the management and cleaning of your database. Our system automatically removes unsubscribes, invalid emails, and inactive contacts, and we replenish the database with newly identified contacts regularly to keep your database fresh and dynamic.

See the program step by step.

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Why it Works

It starts with the data. First we build a targeted database catered to your specific needs from our internal database of millions of contacts. Our data is continuously verified, and once we begin your campaigns, your database will be continuously cleaned and refreshed to remove invalid and non-responsive contacts and replace them with fresh prospects to keep your response rates high. 

Next comes creating the email itself, which is hands-on and customized to each client’s needs. If you have an email you’ve used and liked in the past, let’s start there. You can keep it exactly as is, or we can make recommendations based on our own best practices. If you’re completely new to this and don’t have anything to start with, that’s fine too! We will work with you to craft your perfect campaign no matter your starting point.

Once your campaigns are sent, any direct responses are automatically forwarded to your inbox, and you’ll receive daily reports of who opened your emails and who clicked any links that you can use for further outreach of your choice (social media, calling campaigns, etc.)

We’ll also make sure your database stays fresh by replacing any contacts that are removed with new contacts on a monthly basis to keep your response rates high.

Our service is tailored to each client’s specific needs, and we examine our strategy regularly to ensure we’re getting the best results possible.

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What it Costs

Our pricing is scaled to database size and is just a simple, flat, monthly fee.  No paying per lead or per campaign.  You get unlimited campaigns, unlimited segmentation, unlimited reporting, and your price is proportionate to the size of your target market, so you only pay for what you need.  If you like, you can name your price and we’ll find a solution within your budget.

Let us know what criteria you use to define your target market
and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Packages start at $180/month.

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