How to Take Advantage of the Holiday Sales Slump

For some companies, the holidays are the busiest time of year. Companies in e-commerce and other businesses that sell directly to consumers or support businesses that do are swamped at the end of the year to keep up with all of the traffic.

Others, like B2B brands and service-oriented companies (like us), are a different beast.  Sales points of contact and most decision makers are very difficult to reach around vacations, end of the year meetings, and just general taking time off to be with friends and family.

Add to that the fact that prospects have a million other things to check off their to-do lists before end of year. They’re tying up loose ends, likely not adding more to their agenda until the new year.

All of this can leave some of us twiddling our thumbs toward year end. Lower sales numbers in December is an unfortunate reality for a lot of businesses.  We sit and hope things will swing back the other way in January and February.

But there has to be something we can do to take advantage of this free time other than catch up on small tasks.  Even if your leads aren’t buying yet, salespeople can still send engaging content to prospects to stay top of mind when things slow down.

Instead of resigning yourself to wait for January, use this time to really think about prospect pain points, industry trends, ways your business zips together nicely with other business’s goals, etc.  Then build some really great content (even just an email or two) around those bullet points and send it out.  It won’t necessarily generate any new leads (or necessarily any responses), but you may find that your January and February numbers are boosted enough to actually make up for the December slump.