What We Do

Database Creation

We start by building a database based on your definition of an ideal customer.  What industries do you have the most success selling into?  What contacts within those companies do you begin with when opening conversations with a new client?  We will take the time to understand your specific prospecting goals and build you a targeted database of the appropriate contacts based on the answers to those questions.


Custom Message Creation

We then work with you to create professional, personalized prospecting emails that are consistent with your company messaging and branding.  What sets your company apart?  What problems do your customers come to you to solve?


Rather than trying to fit your business into a template, we tailor our entire strategy to your specific goals and culture, working hands-on with you and your team to find out the strategies you already use that work, and add our expertise and experience to make sure you’re getting the most out of your email campaigns.


Email Campaigns

We then manage the distribution of those emails to your database and take care of fielding all the responses, forwarding only those that require further follow-up by you or your team.


All you have to do is wait for direct responses from your prospects to come straight to your inbox.


Database Management

We also take care of the cultivation and nurture of your database.  We will respectfully and professionally keep in touch with any contacts that request later follow-up, let us know now isn’t the right time, or simply don’t immediately respond or aren’t interested right now.  We will make sure that when they’re in the market for your offerings, your company is the first place they go.



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