It’s time to sell smarter.

Tired of spending your day cold calling cold lists?

LeadSeek will build a database of your ideal prospects, handle initial outreach via email, and provide you with a clean list of prospects that received your email, opened it, clicked your links, and are warmed up and ready for your call, so you can spend more time having meaningful conversations and closing deals.

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What We Do

Our targeted, personalized email campaign program allows you and your team to laser-focus your efforts.  Spend less time calling cold lists and more time having meaningful sales conversations.

See the program step by step.

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Why it Works

It starts with the data. First we build a targeted database catered to your specific needs from our internal database of millions of contacts. Our data is continuously verified, and once we begin your campaigns, your database will be continuously cleaned and refreshed to remove invalid and non-responsive contacts and replace them with fresh prospects to keep your response rates high. 

Next comes creating the email itself, which is hands-on and customized to each client’s needs. If you have an email you’ve used and liked in the past, let’s start there. You can keep it exactly as is, or we can make recommendations based on our own best practices. If you’re completely new to this and don’t have anything to start with, that’s fine too! We will work with you to craft your perfect campaign no matter your starting point.

Once your campaigns are sent, any direct responses are automatically forwarded to your inbox, and you’ll receive daily reports of who opened your emails and who clicked any links that you can use for further outreach of your choice (social media, calling campaigns, etc.)

Our service is tailored to each client’s specific needs, and we examine our strategy regularly to ensure we’re getting the best results possible.

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