How much time do you spend every day on prospecting?

If you could get that time back, you could be spending it having meaningful conversations and closing deals.

That’s where LeadSeek comes in.

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What We Do

LeadSeek is a turnkey B2B email campaign service.  Our targeted, personalized email campaign program allows you and your sales team to expand your efforts and reach more people in a shorter period of time so you can spend less time finding prospects and more time closing deals.

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Why it Works

Rather than sending out your traditional marketing-style email laden with graphics, we take a more personalized approach to your campaigns.  All of our emails are personalized to each contact, come from your email address, and have your signature and contact info at the bottom.  We utilize professional, straightforward communication and invite prospects to respond directly to reach a real person.

On the data side, your database will be continuously cleaned and refreshed to remove invalid and non-responsive contacts and replace them with fresh prospects to keep your response rates high.

Our service is tailored to each client’s specific needs, and we examine our strategy regularly to ensure we’re getting the best results possible.

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